Kelly's Recipes

She studied both Human Nutrition and Physical Education at Otago University. Her research focus was on Type 2 diabetes and managing chronic health conditions like obesity and cardiovascular disease In her more recent times, her work has driven a holistic approach to health and wellness. She focuses on a ‘natural way of life change’ that truly improves health and wellness outcomes Kelly is an active Mum.


She talks to the “bottomless pit” of keeping her three growing boys “filled”! She views Harraways Oats as a staple in her home – breakfasts, baked bread, baking and in smoothies. Harraways Oats satisfy her boys better than most cereal grains with high protein and fibre. She also loves that oats are tasty and with the right texture, offering healthy recipe versatility, versus other choices. It is fantastic to have Kelly on the Harraways team. We are sure you will love her fresh content!