Oat AM

New Zealand it’s time we start encouraging each other to be more vocal and proactive with our mental health, celebrating the small wins and sharing what makes us hungry for the day!


We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be ‘Instagram’ perfect… but we want to have some fun and share more relatable content that makes you giggle, makes you feel normal, makes you feel enough.


OatAM is the notion that a healthy breakfast is your first accomplishment of the day… 

No matter how many times you snoozed your alarm. 


We’re asking Kiwi mums to share some unfiltered snapshots of what a real morning routine looks like.


Share and post your #OATAM on Facebook or Instagram to enter the draw to win a year's supply of Harraways oats to feed the whole whānau. T&Cs apply.


For every pack purchased you’re helping support the vital work of Whānau Āwhina Plunket, just look for the ‘Pick Me Help Plunket’ logo on Harraways packs in-store.


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